The most complete Gamification Engine, based on the Free to Play's BEM Feedback framework. Multiple Mechanics and configurations.

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We want you to have a powerful and flexible engine

Playngage is much more than just a Missions - Rewards engine. It is a full fledge gaming engine with multiple mechanics to create innovative Gamification platforms


Feature Rich

Our engine has over 10 connected game mechanics, as well as social features. Missions and rewards are just the tip of the iceberg. You can play with storytelling, trivia, teams, items and crafting, trading houses, bets mechanics and more.


Robust API

Our Restful API will allow you to consume our webservices with ease. We have several endopoints to consume, create, update an delete game content from your tenant. Our Game Status endpoint is the heart of the system, returning your players' information so you can create amazing interfaces.


Expanding Engine

Which every new project we add new game mechanics, that every Playngage consumer can can take advantage of. We integrate every mechanic with several of our core functionalities, like condition requirements, our currencies system or our feedback module.

Dashboard with engagement and motivation metrics

Playngage has some pre-built metrics incorporated so you can follow your projects' behaviors and create on-the-fly strategies.

  • BEM architecture metrics.
  • Engagmente and behavior metrics
  • CSV reports

Trusted Product

We respond quickly to performance issues. After 4 years of work we've managed to build a stable engine with multiple mechanics.


Online Documentation

Documentation helps you in every steps on your entire project. Our team can train you to have full control of the engine.


Free Updates & Support

Every update we make to our engine is free for all our constumers. No hidden functionality behind premium fees.




Game Mechanics


Conected players


API Endpoints